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Webber Story Builder Book and Pocket Chart. PreK-G8

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Product Code: WSB32


Description: Listening and reading carefully, remembering details, and summarizing information are critical skills for academic success. Webber Story Builder gives students a step-by-step, visual method for acquiring these skills. By using color-coded symbols placed on a classroom-size pocket chart, students learn to identify the key elements of a story, and then retell the story in their own words. This is how it works. You hang the Webber Story Builder Pocket Chart in your room. The 12" x 48" chart has 10 color-coded pockets. While telling a story, you (or the student) place the appropriate symbols on the chart. The first block is green and represents the beginning. Each subsequent block corresponds to a part of a story (e.g., character(s), setting, story starter, events 1–4, and solution). The last block is red and represents the closing event(s). Each color-coded block has the name of the story part on it and story builder symbols have the names on the back of them. You use the feeling symbols with any of the other symbols in the chart to describe the way a character feels throughout the story. To appeal to different age groups and to add variety to the learning process, Webber Story Builder comes with two different sets of symbols – Build-A-House and Solve It! You choose the set that best suits your students. Build-A-House Hammer and nails 4 boards House Solve It! Magnifying glass 4 footprints Case solved file Webber Story Builder also includes an activity book with scripted lessons, practice stories, and activity pages. The complete Webber Story Builder kit includes: Story Builder pocket chart (12” x 48”). 22 Story Builder symbols. 20 write on/wipe off cards. 4 wet-erase markers (blue, red, green, black). Attachments for hanging. Reproducible workbook with activity pages, scripted lessons, practice stories, and printable CD-ROM. Storage bag.

Publisher: Super Duper Pub


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