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Ask & Ans Curious Kids Games (K-G3)

Year Published:

Product Code: GB12


Description: What's the coolest innovative game board set from Super Duper? Ask and Answer Curious Kids! Who will use them? Every student needing practice answering the five Wh questions. Why should you order them? That's easy: 6 game boards (3 laminated boards (11" x 17"), printed front and back, asking Who, What, When, Where, Why, and Combo). 22 question squares per game that provide an opportunity to answer a Wh question (plus 2 bonus squares). The Curious Kids game booklet that provides over 70 additional Wh questions with each game board for lots of additional Wh practice. 6 Curious Cat game tokens. Foam die!

Publisher: Super Duper Pub

Grade: K-3

Format: GAME

Authorized reseller/distributor in Singapore for:

GL Education
Psychological Assessment Resources (PAR)
Speechmark Publishing Ltd
Super Duper Pub.
The Guidance Group
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